November 27, 2011

So the adventure begins

Day one – November 25

Today’s trip started out from my parent’s house around 7 a.m.

States covered: Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee.

Thirty-eight different state license plates, and two Canadian provinces.

Smelled three dead skunks.

Saw three major accidents.

Got stuck in traffic several times (one because of a major road closure in Knoxville).

Total miles covered yesterday 725. We have 1600 more to cover to be broken up into three shorter segments.

November 22, 2011

Tomorrow is a big day

I know for most people who commute from Columbia or points north and east, today was the big day, but since I work from home on Tuesdays, tomorrow is the big day for me.  Tomorrow I get to realize the culmination of almost four years of construction delays, re-routings, and general headaches.   Tomorrow, I will be able to get on I-95 and go south to MD Route 200, and drive it until it ends, exaclty .3 miles from my office.  I'm not going to lie, I'm a little bit excited, but I'm more excited by the fact that tomorrow will be the last day that I have to make this dreadful commute. There is an element of irony that I get to drive this road only once.  I'm going to go with the "glass half full" approach and be thankful that I got to drive it once FOR FREE!

Lately, my expectations for things have been way way too high, so I'll keep the trend going for the new road.  I expect it to be lined with gold, I expect to have my very own police escort, I expect there to be random hockey players on the side of the road signing autographs for me as I drive by, and lastly and most importantly, I expect there to be no other traffic, so that I can make the fourteen mile run in world record time.    There ya go, I'll report back tomorrow.

Oh yeah, did I say it's my LAST DAY working at TheraCom?  I might have forgotten that detail.

Until tomorrow...