February 8, 2009

Its 3:41am...where are you?

Most normal people are home in bed. Im supposed to be home in bed, but I'm not. I'm at work. I'm sitting here waiting for an air conditioner tech to come and fix one of my AC units. Here's what went down.

1. I'm not supposed to be on-call this weekend. I had taken the wife out for a nice birthday dinner with some friends. Tapas up in Baltimore, YUMMY! It was a great night. I hadn't been feeling all that good lately so I didn't drink at all. Lucky for me. We turned in at about midnight when the house phone rang. I checked it, being that it was midnight and we were not expecting any calls. It was work. I checked my cell phone, retrieved the message and called in. I was notified that my co-worker was not responding even though he was on call, and I was needed to check on this sick AC unit.

2. After trying to find a way out of it, I gave in, got in the car and came in. I'm lucky I did, because I found my UPS room to be above 90 degrees and the AC to be non functional. Between 1am and 3am I went back and forth with folks from work, folks from the AC company, and folks from my building. By 3:15 a tech was finally on the way. I'm currently waiting for him as my giant fan runs to keep the UPS some sort of cool. I bet the wife will never forget this birthday, as she decided to come to the office to keep me company. She's currently sleeping at the desk for my "on-call" co-worker, who I'm sure is blissfully sleeping at home.

Being responsible sucks.

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