April 3, 2009

Happy Friday

Today is weigh in day. I've achieved modest results, down 3 lbs. Gotta start somewhere right?

I had to have blood drawn yesterday morning as part of my physical last week. It was in interesting experience. I arrived at Quest early in the day and there was no one there in front of me. The guy who took me in was friendly, he was fascinated with my last name though. His last words to me were, "Take these to room two and tell that girl to get off the phone." I looked at him puzzled, but took my papers to room two. Sure enough there was a large African American woman in there with a cell phone on her ear. I knock, nothing...still chatting away. I knock again louder, now she hears me and ends her conversation by saying " Let me call you back after I do this patient." Wow...I have the warm fuzzies now. The blood draw went well, I got to hear about how her birthday was this weekend and she had this cute little dress she needed to wear. I left wondering about where my blood was going to go, and how long would it take to get my results back. Overall, and interesting half hour.

This weekend is Carey's Easter egg hunt at Takoma Park. That should be fun, we'll be hanging out with some friends as well. I'm taking Monday off in honor of opening day, although it appears I will be enjoying the festivities alone. Such is the life of a sys admin. I may go golfing, who knows.

Have a great weekend!

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