July 28, 2009

Good News

Carey's grandmother had her surgery yesterday. It went well and she is resting, still in the hospital. Once she gets recovered from this procedure the doctors will go back in and clear her corroded artery. This is a big relief for all of us. I will continue to track her status on the blog.

Our trip home from Milwaukee was uneventful, which is good. My biggest complaint was the amount of time it took us to get our bag, and pick up the car(over an hour). My experience on AirTran was a good one. I particularly like the free XM radio at your seat.

I'm back at work today, it's been fun listening to the PM's from our Development team trying to communicate with my co-worker...he had to speak to my coworker like he was twelve. Unreal..It gave me a good chuckle though. Oh yeah, backup tapes never got changed while I was gone...that didn't make me chuckle. I can't wait until I'm gone from this place permanently.


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