September 21, 2009

Cultural Experience

We spent most of this past weekend in Dundalk. It was a lot of fun being back in the old hood again. The highlight of the trip was breakfast at the Boulevard Diner and the trip to the North Point Plaza Flea Market.

The Plaza Flea Market runs Saturday and Sunday only. You can get pretty much anything you want there. I came away from this trip with a gold, Reggie Bush, New Orleans Saints Jersey. It's the ugliest thing I have ever seen, which is why I love it. Carey got to talk makeup with the makeup diva, and watch doughnuts being made. Overall a great trip.

My new HNA team got all the way to the summer season title game, but we only had 8 skaters show up and lost 2-1.

Overall a great weekend! Tonight is our 1st Caps game of the year. WOO HOO!


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