September 3, 2009

I love this pic...

Hello good people of the Internet,

I'm sorry for the lack of content lately, I will do a better job keeping this up to date. Here's the short update:

1. "The Wrong Stuff" lost on Sunday. We gave up a 2 goal lead with 6 minutes to play. No bronze puck for me.
2. The new car is running good, I can finally drive it smoothly.
3. We got a new guy at work, we need him, our helpdesk is overwhelming.
4. I bought and installed the new OS X for my Mac. Snow Leopard. I don't see a lot of difference, but it was good upgrade and backup practice.
5. Labor Day weekend is quickly approaching, I can't believe summer is almost over. Unreal.
6. Carey's grandmother is in rehab and is slowly getting better. They should be able to take her trake out soon. She's eating real food now.
7. Carey and I are spending our 5th wedding anniversary in Las Vegas. I cant wait for that!

Lastly, good luck to DB at the pipe band show this weekend. We're gonna make it out to one of those shows. ;-)

Hopefully I'll have some more interesting stuff to share as the days go by. Until then.


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