October 23, 2009

Happy Friday.

Another Friday is upon us, so as is semi-tradition around here, I've included a link to this weeks Si.com cheerleader of the week. Enjoy.

This week has been both fun, and long for me. My motivation level at work is at an all time low. It sucks trying to find motivation, but I'm getting through. My boss and his boss will be in next week, which should make for a few interesting days.

I turned 35 this week, and my wife gave me the second best present ever. She took my Alex Ovechkin autographed jersey and had it framed. I hung it Wednesday night, so now I can oogle(yes that's a word blogger) all the time while I'm in my basement. The best present she ever got me my was the rod-hockey table that sits below the jersey in the basement. I think the hockey table also takes the prize for best suprise delivery for a present, as I carried that heavy thing in the house thinking it was for someone else.

The trees in our neighborhood have started to give up their leaves, and the colors in my neighborhood are quite nice. I'm actually looking forward to Winter this year. Scary 'eh.

I've decided to have a little bit of fun with my twitter account. I'm now going to follow as many stars and celebrities as I can. I don't know why, but I think it's fun to see what they are up to. Right now, I'm following 70+, notable names are Chuck Lidell(UFC), Penn Jillette, and Adam Richman(Man vs Food). Feel free to follow me.

Thats it for today.


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