October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

Today is our Halloween party at work. The party makes for a really fun day where not a lot of work gets done. I have to be careful how much web surfing I do because I usually get a lot of visitors to see my area or my costume. This year Carey and I went with a combined costume. She is eggs and I am bacon. It still seems to work even when we aren't together. There was one sad part about today's party. The business lets each department decorate their own area for the day. Our billing and collections team usually goes way above and beyond and wins the prize(except for the year our group beat them). Sadly, this group learned a few weeks ago that they are being downsized in January. They decided against doing a Halloween theme this year, and I don't blame them, it was just sad walking through that area. Good old corporate America ruing our fun. Sad, just sad.

I hope you have a happy and safe Halloween!


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