December 29, 2009

So much to catch up on.

Good day all!  I apologize for not getting more blogging done, but the combination of the "snowpocalypse" and the Christmas holiday got me out of my routine.  I have a few things to complain about to start:

1. To the coworker who dropped a deuce and neglected to flush this morining, I'd like to thank you for ruining my hot chocolate.

2. We have four or five one hour visitor spots right outside the door of our office for visitors.  Why do employees think it's OK to park there?  There are some cars that are there every day.  Seriously, park in the lot and walk like the rest of us.  You're not that important.

Ahhhh, now I feel better, on to the good stuff.   I've finally recovered from whatever I did to myself shoveling out from the "snowpocalypse".  I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that I don't heal nearly as well as I did even five years ago. It sucks.  Why can't I just be bionic?  The remains of the snow are almost gone...our light up flamingos are now free of their white cave.  

Christmas was nice. I could have done without having to set up a wireless network on Saturday night, but I guess that goes with the territory when you are techincal.  The funny part was the hour and a half  I spent trying to make a USB Wireless G adapter work with a Windows 98 machine. Needless to say I lost that battle.

I got to see two Caps games over the holiday.  We beat up on Buffalo pretty soundly, and then let Carolina get their second(seriously) road win of the year in our building last night.   Our fans once again showed their class and deep hockey knowledge by blaming everything bad that happened to us on the referee.  There were a few questionable calls, but you cant blame "playing like crap" on the ref.    I get back on the ice this weekend.  I'm both looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time.  Ive been off skates almost two full weeks.  This is going to hurt.  

If I dont talk to you before, have a happy and safe New Years Eve, and a Happy 2010!

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