January 15, 2010

Friday fun day...

Well, not really.  This morning was a disaster at work.  Our lazy helpdesk tech forgot to set up roughly 20 users in Rhode Island, so when they all started work this morining, none of them could run our application.  The calls started coming in at 9:30 or so and came in non-stop for a half hour to 45 minutes.   Fortunately for this guy he doesn't start until 10:30, so he didn't have to deal with the fallout from his little snafu.  There was a major power outage in our facility in Texas this morning. Roughly sixty folks couldn't work for a half hour.  The supervisor called me. "Scott, the phones and PC's are all dead, help us." It took me a few minutes to get from him that the lights were out too.  I beamed myself to Texas and restored power, because I'm that good. 

I got this in my corporate email today.  Honestly the thought of forcing my company to donate $10 to the Haiti releif effort never crossed my mind. I did laugh after reading it though.  I wonder how much CVS is on the hook for thanks to it's mobile phone users.

"We encourage our CVS Caremark colleagues to support the Haiti Earthquake victims and are aware of a program in which you can text the word “Haiti” to a number and it will make a $10 donation.  We ask that you refrain from using your company issued BlackBerry or cell phone device and find another vehicle in which to make a donation.

This is a group broadcast to all of our Blackberry and Cell Phone uses. Thank you in advance for your cooperation

The Wireless Team"

Overall though, it wasn't a bad week for me.  Have a wonderful weekend!


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