March 22, 2010

Spring? Maybe...hopefully??

Those of you that live in the area know, we experienced our first little taste of spring this past weekend.  It was sunny and in the 70's Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday.  People were out and about everywhere, some even in shorts.  Why must we always rush into summer clothes.

My highlight of the weekend was our trip to the BWI observation area. The lot was full, so people were parking on the inside of the two travel lanes in the lot.  We were on our way out when the Transportation Authority Police showed up and started "generating revenue" for the State at the expense of those not parked in an actual spot.  We discussed how this must be a regular occurance during the early spring months when folks are just itching to get outside.  I'm excited about spring, it brings with it softball, Major League Baseball, and the NHL playoffs.  Good Times!

To my friends in Denver, I saw it snowed there last week.  Enjoy!


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