April 16, 2010

Step back from that ledge...

Unless you are cheering for the Orioles, then go for it.   Today has been one of those days at work.  My Caps lose thier first playoff game and every single person I see is like "Oh man, whats wrong with the Caps!" The Canadiens played a perfect road game last night, perfect, and they still just barely won.   The Caps are fine, they will show up on Saturday and the series will continue.  All is well in Caps-land...no reason to panic just yet. Everyone has a bad game sometimes.

The coaching death watch is officially on for Dave Tembley in Baltimore.  A 1-9 start will do that to ya.  The Orioles look awful. They are almost too painful to watch(thank God for hockey). It's going to be a seriously loooooong season in Baltimore if they don't figure it out quick.  The silver lining...good seats are still available, and we're not the Nationals.

Carey and I are headed to Ocean City this weekend with some freinds.  I can't wait to get away, even if its only for 2 days.  I may even have a pic or two to post when I get back.  Have a great weekend!


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