April 1, 2010

Where ya been??

I know, I know, it's been too long since my last entry..but I'm here now. This week has been a crazy week for me at work. Too much drama going on, it's making me sick. Literally. I applied for a corp. training position at my current company. It would allow me to continue to use/grow my technical knowledge, at the same time rid me of my current co-worker situation. I would also be able to keep my seniority. We shall see if anything comes of that. I may have to start looking around again, but I already know what I'm facing there, and I don't want to do that. I'm also going to apply for a part-time gig at the Apple store. I think that would be a fun way to get better with Apple technology, make a little bit of money on the side, and have a little fun. Who knows. I need to shake things up a bit, my current routine is very unsatisfying.

I got to play hockey at the HersheyPark arena last weekend, that was great fun. I love that old building. It's so nostalgic.

This weekend we are going to see Carey's grandparents in New Jersey, then I get some "boy time" with my friends in Atlantic City. I'm so ready for that.

All else is well, I should have a new article up on the down n dirty site in the next few days. I'm lovin' the warm weather! YAY Spring!


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