May 17, 2010

Weekend Post Mortem...

I experienced a first this weekend. Winning games at the Labatt tournament. Twitter followers know that the Crush won on Friday and Saturday morning, but lost on Saturday afternoon.  Sadly, even though 2 out of 3 ain't bad, thanks MeatLoaf, we still didn't get to play in the championship round on Sunday.   Carey and I each contributed and assist to the effort and I took a two minute penalty along the way.  The tournament and time spent with the team was great fun.  I had a Mutineers game last night to cap off the weekend.  We lost 3-1, and had only ten skaters, guess everything can't go perfectly 'eh.    I'm very sore and tired today.  Looking forward to getting home and relaxing.   I've got a busy week planned between more hockey tomorrow, scorekeeping and work.  Here's hoping everything goes smoothly.


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