August 5, 2010

All quiet for now...

That's expected to change this afternoon as more storms are predicted for the area. Areas south of Baltimore County and city dodged a bullet last night as some strong/severe storms rolled through not long after dark.  My neighbors and I took the opportunity to clean out our gutters yesterday evening before the weather arrived.  Luckily we are connected to good folks who aren't afraid to climb up on the roof.   Its amazing the havoc a couple of leaves and a pile of whirly-birds can create.

I'm really excited about the upcoming weekend.  I'm participating in the "Leap Towards A Cure" hockey tournament at The Gardens Ice House in Laurel.  Here's a link to the web site so you can learn all about it.   Hopefully I'll have the cure for sore legs and a tired body by Sunday.  I'm really looking forward to it, and it's a great cause.  I'll be playing with "Josh and the Gang." Our game times are 3:20pm on Friday, 8pm on Friday(not a typo) and 12:30pm on Saturday.  There will be activities and food at the event, so come on by if you are local and free. Besides, who could turn down a chance to laugh at me while I play.  

Look out for storms and have a good one.


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