November 5, 2010

College Update

My boss was here all week so I didn't get much chance to blog. 
Enrollment for the spring semester at Howard Community opened up this week.  I wanted to take the next math class and chemistry, but you need to be DONE the next math class before the college will let you take chemistry. SO, in order to make the most of my spring semester, I signed up for math, and a CISSP class.  CISSP is an IT industry standard for Information Security. I'm hoping that getting this cert will allow me to get out of this job that I drive to far too and hate so much.  It would be so nice to finish my IT career working close to home while I go to school. 
The spring semester for me has been VERY successful.  I'm 3/4 of the way through and still carrying an A in both of my classes, which is a first for me.  I'm very excited about being in school and it's showing in my grades.  I'll be taking time over the spring to start looking at schools to take my main Meteorology or Atmospheric Science coursework at.
Lastly, I've decided to create a new blog that is specifically for the Meteorology content that I have been posting here. I'll still maintain this blog with the non-scientific content.  I'll be sure to post the new blog URL after I get the template going.

That's it for now...enjoy the weekend!


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