December 7, 2010

Triumphant Return

I never intended on taking a break from my blog, but it looks like that's what I did.   Between work, school, holidays, hockey and the like, I just ran out of time.   School for the semester is over, so I should be able to give my little corner of the Internet the time it deserves. All it took was a little encouragement from my wife and a buddy, and I'm back on track.  Thanks guys.

Speaking of school, I'm excited to report, that with only the finals left for both of my classes, I'm still carrying an "A" in each.  The final will determine my fate in my math class, I could pretty much not take the final in Meteorology and still get an A. Both of these are firsts for me.  I'm enrolled in the next math class(basically advanced high school algebra)and a computer information security course for the spring. I'm using the computer course to update my skills and have a "fall back" plan in case something bad happens at work before I can get into the meteorology field.  Besides, I couldn't take the science I want yet, I'm not advanced enough in math.

And now back to our regularly scheduled content!


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