August 9, 2011


It looks like I will have to be moved to Arizona by the end of November at the latest.  The company wants me to stay here to train my replacements.  Yup, they are hiring two people to cover the role I currently handle on my own, with a little corp. help.  I'm looking a 2-3 weeks to get someone hired, then 2 weeks to train, then I make the official transition.  I know it sounds like a long time, but it's will be over before I know it.   I'm very fortunate that my new manager in Arizona likes me enough to hold the job for me.  I hope I can meet the expectation. 

Part of me still cant believe I'm going to do this.   I have so much to do...and so little time.  Here we go....


  1. Best of luck.... I hear Arizona is nice this time of year.

    -Tim B.

  2. BOOOO and WOOO HOOO at the same time! Let the adventure to begin :-)