August 8, 2011

We're Moving!!

Phoenix, Arizona here be come.  I've finally decided to take a full time Avaya Telecom position with my company(CVS for those who don't remember) in Scottsdale, Arizona.  It's taken me almost three years of on and off talks about going out there, and it's finally coming to fruition.   I've never lived anywhere except the Baltimore/DC area, so this is both extremely exciting and petrifying all at the same time.  I don't have a time line for the move of yet, because my little divison on CVS decided that they want to put up a fight.   My first lesson in this move process appears to be patience.  I will need it as "the suits" are deciding my fate.  I must say, it's not the most comfortable feeling in the world to have someone else deciding your career path, and you get little to no input.  I really wan't this job, so I'm willing to be patient and wait them out.   Hopefully I'll get some kind of information in the next day or so.  Going to work everyday in limbo is not fun at all.

Obviously, the direction of the blog now will be "move-centric".  I'll be sharing my experiences, feelings, ups and downs as we go along.    Thanks for coming back and reading, and I hope you enjoy the ride!


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