November 14, 2011

Yes, this is really happening...

My apoligies for the long break in between posts. Needless to say we have been super busy trying to cover all the details and make this move happen.   It's incredible how much work we've done, and how things have come together for us.  The biggest part of this was "downsizing" the amount of stuff we had, so we could cram it all into our new apartment.  I'm thrilled to be able to say that we sold enough stuff that we PAID FOR THE MOVE ENTIRELY.  I would have never thought we had that much stuff.  Here's a little sample of some of the stuff we sold:

Solid Wood Bedroom Set
Couch and Chair Set
Dining room set
Twin trundle bed
Grandfather Clock
90% of my sports memorabilia
Toys/Stuffed Animals/Purses
CD's and DVD's
Tube TV and Stand.
Chair and Ottoman
Cups, Glasses and Dishes
My Car

The list could go on, but I will spare you. We are leaving on Saturday November 26, arriving in Phoenix on November 30.   We successfully leased an apartment in the Paradise Valley suburb of Phoenix, and will be putting our house on the market to sell in the next couple of weeks. We've packed up just about everything we don't use everyday and spent many hours prepping the house for what we hope is a very quick sale.   The truck is reserved, Carey's car is getting shipped, so we're just about done.   All we need to do is load up and go.  My new co-workers seem to be excited for my arrival and I am ready for the challenge.

Next up is the 4 day drive across this country.  I'm really excited to see whats out there.    Thanks to everyone who has helped us, and supported us this far...we can't wait for the next chapter of our life to get started.   Carey has taken to calling this our big adventure...and I agree.  

Lastly...for those who want to come visit, January will be a bad month.  The new boss is not approving any time off in January.  Apparently it's "Welcome Season" for people to re-enroll in their benefits and our phones will be going nuts.  Plan your trips for February or March(Spring Training anyone?)

I will do a better job of keeping this up to date.    I'm sure there will be PLENTY of stories to share. 


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