December 22, 2008

Towel's got the funk...

I skipped hockey yesterday, for two reasons:
1. Cause I'm lazy.
2. Cause I wanted to take part in the American tradition of sitting on the couch with a group of friends and watch football.

It was pointed out to me that I seemed to be a bit "extra salty" when the Eagles couldn't get it done against the Redskins. Just for the record, I hate the 'skins. Now I will have to sit here at work and listen to all these bitter skins fans talking about how then need to fire yet another coach, and blah blah blah. In all fairness, if people actually cared about the Capitals around here, I'd probably be doing the same sort of stuff, so here I am, POT, calling the kettle black.

It was also brought to my attention that I need to pick a team, and stick with them. The boys aren't buying my half-hearted support of the Saints. It's just hard to get behind a team that has Jeremy Shockey...but I love New Orleans, so what am I gonna do. I'll have one by next year...maybe I'll even get a jersey(the wife will LOVE that).

I dragged the wife into the basement to watch "Joe's Apartment". There is just something about singing and dancing roaches that make me laugh. She thinks I'm nuts, and I probably am, but we got an hour and a half together, that she claims we will "never get back." I don't care what she was funny.

The upcoming week at work is a short week, so if I can somehow avoid a major disaster(which we couldn't do last week) it should be ok, maybe even fun....well lets not push it.

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  1. You could always join the millions (say it with me now, "...AND MILLIONS...") of New England Patriot Fans. Woo, we're going 11-5 and missing the playoffs! Wooooooooo!