December 22, 2008

Suffering from lack of motivation

Its 20 degrees with a wind chill of 9, but the sun is shining. I love the cold, but this is a bit much. I have no desire to be at work today. These are the kind of days where the little things get to me. The people who don't flush when they are finished(gross), the people who don't open a conference room door when they are done one of the several thousand "closed door" meetings we have here daily. I've decided I will give myself 15 minutes to blog, then I'm gonna find something to learn, or fix. That will make the afternoon go faster.

Nothing on the social calendar today, should be a relaxing evening at home with the wife. If my gift card(award for my work last week) shows up I may go to Best Buy and pick up Guitar Hero for the WII we are getting on Wednesday night.

As I'm writing this, a Canadian Brass Christmas carol is on the XM. It makes me miss playing my trumpet. I can honestly say though, that this is the only time of year I miss doing that. Christmas music was so easy, and it made people so happy. I keep saying I'm gonna pick it back up, but I keep not doing it...sigh....

I feel like I have some decisions to make over the next few weeks. I need to get some career direction. I know that I'm not happy coming here every day and doing the same crap I've done for 9 years, but do I want to get into management? Will my company let me if I want to? Should I go back to school and get my masters/mba? If I do will it be worth it? Or, will I be here long enough for any of this to matter? We were informed of the impeding email and directory consolidation last week. Should make 2009 interesting at least. Then of course there is the telecom side...there's lots of market out there for an experienced Avaya tech....who knows. I do know this, its Christmas, and Im gonna enjoy it, all these life decisions can wait unitl Jan 2 to start getting processed.

My 15 minutes is up...time to get back at it.

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