January 23, 2009

Happy Friday

We have come to the end of another work week, or so I hope, and things are well. Last night I spend 2 hours on a conference call with two guys who got nothing accomplished accept for trying to find ways to pick holes in my network. They are from Pittsburgh. I should have known not to expect much from people who are from the town that worships Sidney Crosby.

The wifey is in school tomorrow so I get to revert to a full on 12 year old again. The boys and I are going memorabilia hunting and then will retire to my place to take in the NHL Superskills competition in HD. I think it's funny that there is more interest in the skills competition than there is in the all-star game itself.

I was informed this week that channel 65 on my XM is back. Its new name is "Back Spin" but the content is still all of my favorite old school hip hop. I had to break out the headphones at work today so as not to offend anyone as Snoop proclaimed that life is "Nuttin but a G Thang". I missed this station and am very happy that it is back.

I'm looking forward to an evening with the wife tonight, and some hockey on Sunday. Overall it looks like a pretty good weekend on deck. I hope yours is good as well.


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