January 26, 2009

The weekend that was...

I FINALLY have something fun to blog about! You guys will love this.

It has been well chronicled that I have gotten back into sports card/memorabilia collecting in the last month. On Saturday the wife was in school all day so I got together with some buds to go on a hockey card hunt. We started the day in Sparrows Point to pickup up a new curio cabinet from the in-laws, in which I will house my treasures. From there I went home, met up with the crew, and headed off to a card show at Arundel Mills. The show was pretty much a bust, only one dealer had hockey stuff with him. We took a break and hit the DuClaw in the mall for lunch. Great food, good service, although our waitor was a bit strange. No complaints overall though. Next we were off to a hobby shop in Ellicott City. The shop was nice, the selection was great, but we felt the prices on everything were $20-$30 too high. The next stop was in Towson. We arrived to find the sign still in tact on the store front, but the store had been gone approx. 4 years!? We decided to head to Parkville from there. The shop still existed thankfully, but he has exactly 3 boxes of hockey to choose from...lame. From there it was BACK to Arundel Mills to hit up the first vendor we saw. Throw in a trip to Wal-Mart, and a stop at Target for good measure and by the time we parked at my house we had gone 124 miles and spent 4 hours or so in the car. All that for a couple of rookies, and a couple of jersey cards. I must say, we had fun though. The evening was capped off by the NHL Superskills competition and the Miss America swimsuit competiton in HD. We will tell the story of this day for a long time. In the immortal words of Barney Stinson. "It was legendary."

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