January 28, 2009

Ice day?

Today wasn't really a "snow day" as we barely had enough snow to cover the grass. But today was an Ice Day. Our quaint little cul de sac was a skating rink this morning. I literally almost could have skated on it. I took the time to warm up the car, remove ALL the ice(pet peeve of mine, flying ice), got in the car only to realize that the temperature differential had cracked my windshield, and I was off. I instantly ran into trouble backing out of my spot. After I got the car out I realized that I was pointed downhill and sitting on 1/4 inch of ice. The car would not go forward. I was able to back down the hill, sliding to a stop in front of my neighbor who was working on cleaning her car off. She's a teacher, so she was off today. Once I came to a halt I was able to park in someone else's space at the bottom of the hill. That was the official end of my commute today. The plow/salt truck showed up at 2:30pm, much too late to head to work. So wifey and I walked to the Chinese place for lunch and played Wii with one of our neighbors this afternoon. I have a little bit of work to do tonight, and am hoping for a normal day tomorrow.

Just for the record here's the list of car repairs I need:

2 rear tires
Ignition Coils
timing belt(in another 3000 miles or so)
Passenger side power door locks.

Too funny 'eh.

Go play in the snow.



  1. How many miles on the Protege? Mine has a little over 160,000, after 12 years!