January 12, 2009

MMMMM Crow...tasty

Last week I sat here and boasted about my favorite hockey team. I even added some Caps stuff to the sides of the blog page(I'm working on the sizing issue), and of course we go out and get beat twice this weekend. Once convincingly. Damn Blue Jackets. I guess that'll teach me to pound my chest in public 'eh. The fact is, they are still my boys, and I'm sticking with them. Even if we couldn't get one past a 20ish year old goalie.

I'm very sore and tired today. I helped my sister move into her new place, then played hockey TWICE yesterday. Needless to say when the alarm went off this morning, there was no urgency in my step. A large coke from BK with breakfast helped a lot.

The weekend was otherwise good, I took some time to work on my sports cards, killed off almost the entire day being "sports memorabilia boy". I learned that the card I gave my buddy(it was his favorite player)was the most valuable card I've pulled since I got back into this 3 weeks ago. Sheesh. Work will be quiet this week, as the one who causes me the most trouble will be taking an on-line class at home. Hopefully he'll learn how you are supposed to run a backup system. God knows I'm tired of fixing his screw ups.

To my 1 reader in China. Welcome. Stop by again soon!


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