January 13, 2009

January 13th...

This is where blogging is tough for me. Nothing of any real consequence happened to me in the last day.

I did get the box of hockey cards I ordered last night, so there were many hours of entertainment as I opened, sorted, organized and put the ones with value in sleeves. I tried to get the wife involved by asking her to help me. She did, but she still doesn't get it. Its all good though, it gave me something to do while she did homework.

Work is, well... work. I'm not gonna bore you with the mundane details of that. I had lunch with my Indian buddy today. He's been off for the last month(not a typo) so he could go home and get married. I'm glad he's back though. It's nice to have people that I like at work. We went to the Indian buffet. I love that place. So many variety's of food that aren't beef or pork. The best are the desserts. They make these little doughnut hole sized balls, that are coated in the sweetest sauce you have ever tasted. They make a Hersey bar seem bland. They are the best(I know, I already said that). I'm gonna learn to pronounce their proper name, and then maybe how to make them.

All else is well. It will be interesting to see what the rest of the day brings. Talk to you later.


  1. I assume you are talking about the Arabic dessert called lu'mat al-adi. Which means "Judge's Bread" or "Pieces of the Judge" because it is a food reserved for only the finest members of society, thus in Arab culture that would be a judge. I am unsure what they are called in India.

    Those dang things are horribly addictive. Impossible for me to leave Charcoal Kabob without one. (especially when the owners always give me a free one)

  2. OK. I looked it up. It is called "Gulab jamun" in India.


    Now I need to get back to work. :)