January 6, 2009

What am I 12 again?

This sports card this is starting to make me wonder about myself. Last night the wife, her folks(who are way cool) and I went to Red Robin for dinner. Red Robin is right across the street from Target, and I couldn't be that close to Target and not want a box of hockey cards. The sad part is my allowance(more on that later) was low enough that I couldn't get them. So I talked the wife into it. They didn't even have my brand in stock so she got me another brand...how nuts is that? She was like my sports card "dealer". I'm just glad I haven't found interest in something expensive. I'll keep you in the loop on this as is develops.

I've taken the last day and a half at work to write my "self review" for 2008. I'm impressed with how much I got done. I've also decided that its time to move up. I flat out asked for a promotion, and I put in there that if I can't have it I want to know why. Honestly, I'm fairly sure I'm not gonna get it, it would be shocking if I did, so I've also decided that it's time to start really looking to change jobs. The opportunity to learn here has finally been overrun by my ability to deal with my commute, my co-workers, and the inevitable reality that this job may not exist by the end of the year. I would love to stay with this company in some telecom capacity, but that would require a move to Arizona, Massachusetts or Pittsburgh. I can't deal with that at the moment. The next few months should be quite interesting on the job front.

All else is well...its cold and raining again today. I really wish it would snow. I'm ready for it. Talk to you later!


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