February 1, 2009

Happy Super Bowl Sunday....

Good afternoon! For most football fans today is one of the biggest of the year. For me, its a fun game to watch, and the opportunity to take in a Caps game in the afternoon. They play every year on super bowl Sunday at 12:30. Today's result, a 7-4 win over Ottawa.

This weekend I made the road trip to New Jersey with the wife for her grandparents wedding anniversary as well as her grandfather's 81st birthday. Saturday was fun, lots of Italians yelling at everyone, lots of down time to nap on the couch, and a hell of a meal the an authentic Italian restaurant. Notice a theme here? hehehe

Friday was an interesting day at work. We had out annual super bowl day, with a HUUUUGE potluck. It was a fun day. I wore my Giants jersey just to mess with the hundreds of Redskins fans I work with. In the middle of all the fun we(in IT) got some sad news. We learned that there will be no raises or promotions this week. The good news is we get to keep our jobs. It was tough to head to the party and have fun after hearing that. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the company reacts. The policy is company wide. I am now thankful that I remain employed.

I'm off to a small super bowl party...have a good day!

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