February 2, 2009

They wore WHAT??

The team in the pic above is the Montreal Canadians. They are celebrating their 100th anniversary this season. One of the neat things they are doing to commemorate 100 years of hockey is wear throwbacks of all their old jerseys. I think we can all be glad they they didn't stick with these. Unreal 'eh.

Can you remember the last time we saw back to back super bowls that were as competitive as these last two? I always remember the super bowl as a game that was usually over by halftime, usually a total mismatch. These last two have been awesome. I was pulling for Arizona last night, mainly because I'm sick of the 8 million Steeler fans in the area. I have to say though, what a fun game to watch, no matter who won.

The forecasters were once again predicting Armageddon embodied in a few inches of snow overnight, so it should be fun to see what actually happens. I'm sure my teacher friends are looking fwd to another day off. Enjoy!


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