February 3, 2009

A winter dud....

All last week the local meteorologists were predicting armageddon for today. Snow, snow and more snow we coming. Needless to say they were wrong again. They were so far off that the sun was out this afternoon. Normally I'm not one to complain, but we haven't had a good 6-12 inch snowfall in a few years, and I'm not gonna lie, I got my hopes up.

All else is well. I had a doctor appointment today so I took the day off. I need get get my allergy medicine going before the spring comes and I become miserable. I also got the groceries so the wife has more time for her homework. Her birthday is coming up this week, I need to get out and get her present. She wants an Iphone, we shall see.

The Caps take on the Devils tonight for second place in the conference, so you know what I'll be doing. LETS GO CAPS!

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