February 23, 2009

UH, double up, UH UH!

Wow I'm tired. I ended up playing hockey twice yesterday, once at roughly 7pm and again at 10. It was GREAT fun, but I'm seriously paying the price today. Feeling like this just motivates me to be more active so I can get through 2 full games without feeling dead. I had an assist in the second game, but that was my only involvement in the scoring. My team lost both games. SHOCKER!

All else is well, we realized this weekend that we need to move our big fish tank. It's currently sitting right under our thermostat, and that is throwing off the house temp. We couldn't figure out why our place was so cold until yesterday when I was cleaning the tank. It looks like I'm gonna have to bribe my friends. Even empty, a 50 gallon tank is really heavy!

Work is quiet so far, we'll see how long it stays that way! The Caps got a big win over the Flightless Fowl from Pittsburgh on Sunday as well. Good stuff!


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