February 20, 2009

It's Friday...you ain't got no job..you ain't got S*** to do!

Happy Friday all! I'm so glad this work week is coming to an end. Sometimes the short weeks are harder than the full 5 day weeks. Unreal.

I ended up playing pickup hockey at Columbia on Wednesday night. I scored a goal, which made waiting until 10:30 to play worth while. It was funny listening to the college kids talking about going out to get beer after the game. FYI..the game ended at midnight. It just proves how old I am. It was a nice release from the stresses of the week. I might have to make it a weekly occurrence.

This weekend looks to be a fun one. The wife is in school all day on Saturday so I'm gonna head to the "Adventures in Travel Expo" in DC. There are always reps from these cool, far away places that I like to chat with. Saturday night is a Bull Roast up in Baltimore. The last couple of these have been serious 'drunk fests' so we shall see how things go. There will be some really cool sports memorabilia up for auction, so I may get to come home with something cool. Who knows. Sunday is hockey, all day, I better not be tooooo hungover.

All else is well, catch back up with you next week.


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