February 18, 2009

Further Proof that I'm really a 12 year old...

The wife and I exchanged Valentines Day presents last Friday night. Hers was an IPhone. I didn't pay for all of it, but my $$ helped her finish the purchase. Now that's a pretty damn cool present, most people would agree. My present were 2 boxes of sports cards. One box of the hockey cards I have been collecting all winter, and a box of the newly released 2009 baseball cards. Most people would call this quite the uneven trade, but I was like a kid in a candy store. Gleefully opening pack after pack of cards. I couldn't have been happier. Since then, I can't get my mind off the cards. I'm counting down the days until Saturday when I can run out and get myself another box. I know...."lame", but it's what I'm into. There is something about the chase that's got me hooked on the cards again. There's just something cool about opening a pack and finding a card with a piece of game used jersey on it, or one of only 100 cards of that type in existence.

So that's where my mind is today. I'm all engrossed in pulling an autograph or a rookie from a pack this weekend. Thank God for that too, cause it's been a LOUSY day. Maybe I'll play hockey tonight and take out my frustrations on a puck. We shall see.


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