March 20, 2009

Being in IT has its perks

For college basketball fans yesterday and today are the greatest days of the year. I personally don't follow the college game very much, but I do enjoy catching as many of the tournament games(especially the early ones) as I can. Besides, it helps me know exactly when I should tear up my brackets.

My company has a device in place that will block most web sites that will allow you to get live updates or stream game audio/video. I knew this coming into yesterday. My hope was that I would get the games on my portable XM device. *BUZZ* I was wrong. I had a revelation when I came back from lunch yesterday. Sitting in the bottom of my closet in my cube was my 9 year old laptop, that I used to use when I was on-call. The laptop, combined with my ATT G3 Wireless card allowed me to listen live to the games while I was working. I was happier than a fat kid eating cake(thanks 50 cent). I plan on using the same set up to get my fix of NCAA hoops again today. This is just further proof of my theory that you should never throw an old computer away(the wife LOVES this one).

As for my brackets, I had a good day yesterday, I got 14 out of 16 correct. We shall see what today brings though. I'm gonna have to cheer for West Virgina, which for me is ust morally wrong. If i can do well today, I just might be set up to collect some cash....we shall see.

This weekend is my last official hockey game at College Park. They will be melting the rink down before too long. Its been a fun season. My team finished in 2nd out of teams. Hopefully next year there will be more participation. All else is well. Have a good weekend!


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