March 23, 2009

Happy Monday...

Today is better than average for a Monday. I'm only working a half day today. WOO HOO. I'm headed to the doctor's office for a physical this afternoon. Nothing is wrong, I'm just gonna get checked out. Its a good excuse to not have to work this afternoon. :-)

The weekend was fun. I surprised myself, and got up at 4:45am on Saturday to take part in a hockey clinic. I was in full gear and on the ice at 6am. It was an awesome workout, and a learned some stuff. I was sore most of the rest of the day, but it made of a great start to the day. Honestly, the only way I'm gonna get better at the game is to put in the kind of work that I did on Saturday. My goal is to significantly improve my conditioning and skating over the summertime so that when the College Park league starts back up in the fall, I'll be able to keep up. I've also got something else fun on the horizon. This weekend I've been invited to participate in a scrimmage up in Hershey, PA. A local team that I have some friends on rents the ice at the Giant Center where the AHL's Bears play. We play a full 3 period scrimmage, then tailgate all day, and finish the day by taking in the Bears game that night. Its going to be an awesome day.

The NCAA Division I Men's hockey tournament gets going this week. I'm excited because the wife and I will be at all 3 games of the "Frozen Four"(the hockey equivalent of basketball's final four). We are very much looking forward to that in a few weeks as well.

As far as the NCAA Basketball tourney goes, I'm happy to report that I have NOT had to tear up my brackets. I'm actually in second place in my pool. This is a 1st for me, usually by the end of the 1st weekend, I'm out. The other thing I'm looking forward to is the cheerleader galleries on I'll link you to them when/if they show up. ;-)

Otherwise life is good. I'm just preparing to enjoy the warm weather, and the PLAYOFFS!! Lets go Caps!


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