March 5, 2009

Best Burger EVER!!!

I found this on the hotclicks version of this morning. I have also added the link with instructions for making it. YUMMMMY!

Hotclicks also lead me to a new McDonalds creation this morning. This is just awesome. Enjoy.

Today has been an interesting day so far at work. We had out weekly staff meeting this morning, that went on for an hour and a half. Its fun listening to my co-workers talk, sometimes. I also found that we can take 2 hour lunches, come in late and leave early, for a couple of months and not get fired. I love this place.

Tonight we are going to the Caps game with some friends, so it would be a tough task to ruin my good mood. The wife and I are also in the early planning stages for a vacation. It looks as if we have chosen to head back to St. Lucia in October. This will be the first time since our honeymoon that we have gone out of the country and not done an all inclusive. We're looking forward to it though.

This weekend is gonna be warm, I'm so excited. I might have to get out and play some golf once all the snow is gone. YAY Spring!


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  1. Maybe I should re-evaluate the menu for the wedding...