March 9, 2009

Take off you hoser...

I'm back at work today after what turned out to be a great weekend. Who would have thunk that a weekend where I ended up in the office on Saturday could be considered as great.

Friday night I pulled 2 numbered, multiple jersey patch cards out of blaster boxes from target. That's a pretty big deal in the sport card collecting world. I also picked up a new book, its called " The Bro Code", anyone that is a fan of How I Met Your Mother will know exactly what I'm talking about. The book is a really funny read.

I got to hang out with "the boys" on Saturday night, which was really nice. Sunday started out with a trip to church, which I haven't done since I got married I think, and then the rest of the day with some new friends. The highlights were a good game of street hockey, and the movie "Strange Brew". We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

I really think that the short taste of spring that we got this weekend, really helped my mood too. The sun and the warmth have made me happy for almost 3 days now. I only hope that my allergy medicine will help me to enjoy some time outside as the trees and flowers bloom. We shall see.


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