April 20, 2009

Things are returning to normal.

The Orioles finished off their four game trip to Boston in grand fashion. The Sox completed the four game sweep with a 12-1 nail biter at Fenway this morning. The Sox have a tradition of beating the snot out of someone at 11am on Patriot's day. The Orioles were above .500 for roughly one glorious week this year. It's nice to see that the "real" Orioles have finally arrived for the 2009 season. I can't wait to take advantage of super cheap tickets.

Softball is rained out again this week...sheesh. Lata!

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  1. You've gotta admit though, every year when the season starts you just can't help but conjure up this crazy false hope that they might be a little bit good this year. That never lasts more than 2 weeks though.