May 5, 2009


OK, we all know what happened at Verizon Center last night, so I'm not gonna dwell on it. Dual hat tricks in the playoffs, hockey history, Caps go up 2-0...what a fun game to watch.

I'm here today to talk about last night's episode of How I Met Your Mother. SO, IF YOU HAVEN'T SEE IN IT YET, STOP READING NOW!!!!

Now, for those of you that did see it, all I can say is WHAT??? STELLA?? SHE'S the mother? Come on, they couldn't do better than that? All the creativity that has been put into that show, all the plot twists and turns, and they bring back STELLA? No way...this has to be some kind of dream sequence or something. OK I feel better now. It was a great episode though. If you didn't DVR it, watch it on

I have news from work today as well. I finally got my cube by the windows. Its so nice, almost all natural light, its quiet and I can concentrate. I'm thrilled. Now we will see how long I get to keep it. :-)

Until tomorrow!

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