June 22, 2009

Atlantic City Post Mortem.

I got back from the "boys trip" to Atlantic City this afternoon. I'll hit a few of the highlights:

1. We met and drank 40's with 2 couples from Kalamazoo, Mi. They are fans of the TV show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." They drove all the way to Philly to drink at the bar they use on the show. Apparently this bar doesn't exit. They were disappointed but they decided to spend two nights in AC and they got to drink $5 40's with us.

2. We met a stripper and her boyfriend from Harrisburg, PA later that night at another bar called Pic-A-Lilly's. They were on vacation as well. One of the guys my group tried with all his power to get an invite back to their room, but was not successful.

3. On the way back to the hotel after Pic-A-Lilly's, that same group member was propositioned by a 20 year old hooker. We were all pretty intoxicated, and having just lost out on a stripper he let her follow us all the way back to the hotel(but not the room thankfully). My buddy made several unsuccessful attempts to ditch us so he could ruin his life with a hooker. Lucky for him, he has good friends and we didn't let that happen. Although he did blow all of his gambling money bankrolling her at blackjack($15 per hand, no less) He refused to admit giving her any cash. hehehehehe

4. We got back to the room at 5:15am and slept until 11, check out was noon. Needless to say today has been a struggle. I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep tonight.

Overall it was a great trip for me. I got to play some slots and some roulette, ate good food, drank 4o ounce beers for $5, met some fun folks, and came home with money! I didn't win anything, but I also didn't take the beating that I expected. Hopefully I will have some pics tomorrow. The boss is in this week, so I'll see how much blogging I get done.


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