June 19, 2009

The Mother Load!

One of the best things about working with software developers is that most of them stuff their cube full of goodies. I learned this today from one of the developers I work with. The above pic is the drawer of a *former* employee with my company. He had two drawers filled with treats. We were talking like pirates as we "pillaged and plundered" the stuff he left behind. The inventory includes starburst, reeses peanut butter cups, brownies, tea bags, and my favorite pop tarts. I have already staked my claim to those. Amid all the joy of us ravaging his cube like wild dogs, one of the other developers stopped us all in our tracks with an interesting statement. "Apparently poor Chuck was not planning on becoming unemployed." His comment stopped us for a second to reflect on our employment situations, but then we quickly went back to "pillaging and plundering".
Thanks Chuck!

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