June 19, 2009

A Brand New Look!

Welcome to my updated blog! I'd been thinking about making the blog a little more graphically pleasing since day one, but I never really took the time to put the thought or effort into it. Yesterday afternoon on my way home from work I finally thought of a title that I liked, so I took advantage of the motivation and the hour or two off of work and went at it. I hope you like it. I am open to comments, suggestions, criticism, so feel free to comment.

Thanks to my wonderful wife for helping me with the new logo, you are the best. Thanks also to cafe press. You can get the "Dirty D" sticker there for only $4.99. I need one for my car.

Only 2 days left until "the boys" and I head up to Atlantic City, I can only hope we have half the adventures of the foursome in "The Hangover". If you haven't seen it, go, it's awesome.

I'm gonna get things started the right way today, here's a link to this week's si.com cheerleader of the week. Enjoy!

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