June 18, 2009

Happy Martin Brodeur Day!

The state of New Jersey has officially declared today Martin Brodeur Day. How cool is that. I'm sure he got keys to the city of Newark. Maybe they could make him sheriff and he could "clean up that town" this off season. Here's a link the the CBC Article.

In Orioles news, Matt Wieters hit his 1st Major League home run last night. Here's a link the the video. Wieters goes yard.

I got to enjoy my favorite new show of the summer last night. Wipeout runs from 8-9pm on ABC. If you liked MXC on SpikeTV, this is almost as good. Lots and lots of people wiping out and getting muddy/wet. This is exactly my kind of humor. Its amazing that all it takes to make people laugh is someone else FAILING.

Lastly, here is a link to si.com's cheerleader of the week for last week. No need to thank me...Sports Illustrated did all the heavy lifting. Enjoy!

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