June 17, 2009

Greatest Job Ever??

There is a gentleman who works for Sports Illustrated, his name is Jimmy Traina. His job is to assemble a portion of the SI.com web site that is called Hot Clicks. Every day, hot clicks is filled with fun facts, funny videos, neat sports tidbits, celebrity tidbits, and at least one really hot woman. I was thinking about this today as I was completing another mundane task at work. This guy has what some people consider the greatest job ever. Lets imagine how his day goes....(the dots are in place of a fancy fade to a dream sequence.) Jimmy walks into the office, sits down at his cube and opens his email, which is loaded to the brim by viewers requesting pics of certain hot women, or maybe even sending him pics of hot women for use. So after an hour or so of paroozing through hot women, he then heads to youtube or wikipedia, e-online, or people magazine, even si.com to find fun sports facts, funny video's etc. Depending on the day, he may even have to take the tough task of assembling an image library like this one, or do a phone interview with someone like Erin Andrews. I think you get my point. I'm a huge fan of his work, as it helps me get through my days here in hell(oops I mean my office). The only job I have had that compares was my job with the Orioles. Being an usher in the bleachers was pretty great. Don't get me wrong it wasn't like working at Wrigley Field or Fenway, but I got paid to stand there and watch baseball. You can't really argue with that.

I can only hope that one day I will have the time to put a pic of a hot woman at the top of my blog. Until tomorrow.


1 comment:

  1. What did you "use" in the bleahcers? I thought you were an usher? ha ha ha.
    You could always put up my pic for the hot chick!