June 10, 2009

Blogger Time!!!

I had some time on the way home from work yesterday to contemplate the importance of electricity. This was brought on by the severe thunderstorms that pummeled our area during the late afternoon/early evening. My neighborhood looked like a war zone when I got home. There were at least three downed trees, and several businesses close by didn't have power. Luckily the power was still on at home. We are totally, 100% dependent on electricity for our way of life. I never really gave it that much thought. I also thought that there was a time when we weren't 100% dependent on electricity. Its amazing how life changing the discovery/harnessing of electricity has become. I wonder what Ben Franklin would think now, seeing how we have learned to use the phenomena that struck his key. Fun stuff.

My hockey team lost last night. 1-0. The worst part was that we gave up the goal when we were on a 2 man advantage. The team we were playing is one level higher than us, and we gave them all they could handle for the whole game, thats a good sign. I had 3 good chances around the net, and only made one bonehead play, so overall it was a good night.

Back to work for me. Until tomorrow!

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