June 15, 2009

Its a sunny Monday

Carey and I took the afternoon yesterday and went to Camden Yards to watch the Orioles pummel the Atlanta Braves. The final was 11-2. Short of it being a bit warm in the sun, it was a great afternoon. We had good conversation, especially with the couple from Atlanta sitting in front of us. We also really enjoyed listening to the college kids behind us. We felt so old listening to their stories of drunkenness and vomiting in their dorm. The bleachers are a wonderful place.

Today is Monday, and that means softball, as the rains have left us for a few days. My boss will be in for the rest of the week so I'm not sure I'll be able to break away and blog much but I'll do what I can.

I leave you today with a link to my new favorite web site. Matt Wieters Facts.com is hysterical. If I don't loose too badly in Atlantic City this weekend, I may get the Baltimore smokestack shirt. Talk to you soon!


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