June 24, 2009

The land of the two hour lunch

I think I mentioned before that our boss is in town this week. He decided to take the team to lunch today, a very cool surprise. We ended up at Macaroni grill. I had half an order of spaghetti and meatballs...yummy! The best part is that we were gone for 2 hours. I could get used to leaving at 11:30 and coming back at 1:30. I know some of my co-workers are already used to that.

I took time to watch ABC's updated version of "The Superstars" last night. I was disappointed that it wasn't broadcast in HD. Overall the show was entertaining. I can see myself going back and watching again. The eye candy was excellent, hence my disappointment in the standard definition broadcast. It also didn't hurt that the hot women were wet for 60% of the episode. I wasn't exactly enamoured with John Saunders play by play. It seemed like he was trying way to hard to make things more dramatic than they really were. I have never wanted to see someone fail as badly as I wanted to see Joanna Krupa fail last night. She was SO MEAN to T.O. It was really funny. Check it out next week, see what you think. Here are pics from last night.
T.O and Joanna were eliminated.

Ali and Jeff are my pick to win it all.

Until tomorrow! Hopefully I will have pics of my batting practice adventure.

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