June 25, 2009

Season Ticket Holder Picnic

Last night the Bowie Baysox held their season ticket holder picnic and batting practice at Prince Georges Stadium. Carey and I along with a couple of friends of ours bought four seats for the Saturday plan. We get eleven games, all on Saturday nights, and they all have fireworks post game. It's an awesome deal, the tickets were really cheap and our seats are one row from the field. This event was another perk we get for buying the plan.

My friend Dan and I ended up going, we spent roughly 3 hours playing catch in the outfield, batting, eating, fielding batted balls(I have the bruises to prove it), and chatting it up with other folks. We even got to throw the ball around with the Asst. Groundskeeper for a while, we found out that like Dan, he is a Hopkins alum.

Neither Dan or I embarrassed ourselves in the cage. We each got roughly 10 pitches to hit, and we put our fair share of balls in play. Dan hit at least two shots that would have been base hits in a real game. It was fun to watch the kids in the outfield chasing a ball that he hit. I also got one, it would have been a clean single over shortstop. I loved the fact that I was able to make that unmistakable "cracking" sound of the ball off of a wooden bat.

Below are some pics from last night's festivities:

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