July 16, 2009


One of my co-workers emailed me the above image this morning after working with one of my teammates. I've been trying to let our boss know this for some time. Apparently it's just not sinking in. I thought this was hysterical though.

Say goodbye to the google latitude widget on the blog. The more I think about letting everyone who stalks this blog know where I am at every moment, the more I realize that this could be a colossally bad idea. It's a cool thought, but I think it's better not used on a blog.

Apparently the ESPY's were taped last night. SI.com was nice enough to post a small album of Erin Andrews pics today. She's cute, and seems to have a cult following on-line. I'll let you decide if the attention is warranted. Enjoy.

Carey's grandmother had surgery for her blockage yesterday, and we got good and bad news. The good news is, the original blockage was smaller than originally thought. The bad news is the doctors found two more, which means more surgery. One of the ones they found yesterday was in the aorta. So, continued prayers for Tess. She's a strong 80 year old Italian woman from south Jersey, I say that's an asset. I have a feeling that if the doctor doesn't get it cleared up this time, she'll beat him with her cane! Better him than me!

Tonight is $1.50 crab night at the dock of the bay in Millers Island. I hope to have pics for tomorrow's entry. Have a good day!


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